Les balles de séchage Charlotte sont une alternative écologique et économique au liquide ou aux feuilles d’assouplissant chimique vendues sur le marché. 

Elles sont faites à 100% de laine de mouton et ne contiennent aucun produit chimique ou teinture.
Elles réduisent de 25% le temps de séchage, contribuent à la réduction du statique, assouplissent les tissus et rendent les vêtements moins froissés.

Set of 3 eco dryer balls – Mix Color


Charlotte Eco Dryer Balls are made of 100% natural wool from our sheep Charlotte. These balls are ecofriendly, will soften and fluff your laundry and can reduce the drying time of to 25% with your drying machine.

Simply put the 3 balls into your drying machine and feel the results.


– Completely chemical free, unscented, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic: made for sheep wool 100% natural.
– Reduces wrinkles of your laundry with its tumbling effect.
– Softens and fluffs.
– Energy saving: reduces drying time up to 25%.
– Helps to eliminate static.
– A great alternative to fabric chemical softeners.
– Will last for over 1000 drying loads.
– Perfect for sensitive skins and babies.

To add a little fragrance, you can add a couples drops of an essential oil of your choice on 1 of the 3 balls before each drying cycle.

Sont faites de laine 100% naturelle

Made of
100% natural wool

Sont faites à la main

by hand

Réduisent la statique


Réduisent jusqu’à 25% de le temps de séchage

Reduces up to
25% of drying time