Charlotte Eco is a small company founded by Eva Arsenault in 2016 which creates and distributes Eco Wool Dryer Balls.

An excellent alternative to dryer sheets, these eco-friendly dryer balls are made from 100% natural wool. Once placed in the dryer, they absorb static cling produced during the drying cycle without damaging fabric. They are reusable and have a very long lifespan (at least 500 loads). Your planet and well-being will be grateful.

At first, Eva started fabricating the eco dryer balls to offer friends a great alternative to chemical to dryer sheet. It quickly became a need for more and more people. She saw a great opportunity to bring her desire to offer an eco-drying solution to the public. It is now a family business with her son Mathieu Arsenault and partner Clément Boily very implicated with the production, distribution and marketing of the company.

Quick history on the name Charlotte : The origin of the concept was to personify the product with a name that would evoke a cute sheep. After brainstorming with various names, Charlotte became an obvious choice because of Charlottetown being the capital of PEI, home country of Eva Arsenault. The wool used to create the dryer balls is also mainly procured at a mill in PEI.

Charlotte Eco Dryer Balls are now distributed in PEI and Quebec.

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