Charlotte Eco is a small company founded by Eva Arsenault in 2016 which creates and distributes Eco Wool Dryer Balls.

An excellent alternative to dryer sheets, these eco-friendly dryer balls are made from 100% natural wool. Once placed in the dryer, they absorb static cling produced during the drying cycle without damaging fabric. They are reusable and have a very long lifespan (at least 500 loads). Your planet and well-being will be grateful.

At first, Eva started fabricating the eco dryer balls to offer friends a great alternative to chemical to dryer sheet. It quickly became a need for more and more people. She saw a great opportunity to bring her desire to offer an eco-drying solution to the public. It is now a family business with her son Mathieu Arsenault and partner Clément Boily very implicated with the production, distribution and marketing of the company.

Quick history on the name Charlotte : The origin of the concept was to personify the product with a name that would evoke a cute sheep. After brainstorming with various names, Charlotte became an obvious choice because of Charlottetown being the capital of PEI, home country of Eva Arsenault. The wool used to create the dryer balls is also mainly procured at a mill in PEI.

Charlotte Eco Dryer Balls are now distributed in PEI and Quebec.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is still a lot of static in the dryer

Here are the possible reasons that cause static:

  • Perhaps your clothes are synthetic. Synthetic fabrics dry very quickly, usually in 10 to 15 minutes. If not removed immediately, the constant friction causes a lot of static, thus exceeding the capacity of the dryer balls. Synthetic fabrics are known to produce more static than natural fabrics.
  • The dryer balls reduce drying time by 25%. Therefore, if you do not shorten your drying cycle, the clothes will continue to spin for several minutes and the friction between fabrics will create more static. Stop drying as soon as your clothes are dry to avoid causing static.


Even small loads of cotton clothing cause a lot of static

When using the dryer balls, it is important to reduce drying time. If not, dry clothing continues to spin and the friction creates more static. Depending on the type of dryer, it may reduce drying time from 20 to 25%. Some people have reported an even greater time reduction. Test your dryer to determine the appropriate time to dry using your dryer balls.

Should the dryer balls be washed?

No. The dryer balls do not need to be washed. They always stay in the dryer. If, however, they have been soiled, a very light wash is sufficient.

Can I use one dryer ball at a time?

For maximum efficiency, it is necessary to use a minimum of 3 dryer balls for a normal size load. However, for a very large load, it will be necessary to use up to 6 dryer balls. The number of dryer balls is important because they set the clothes into a tumbling motion, creating better ventilation and reducing drying time.

What should I do if lint sticks to my dryer balls?

The lint that accumulates on the dryer balls is normal. This does not affect their effectiveness. You can easily remove the lint using a clothing shaver, making them like new again!

Can the dryer balls leave wool hairs on clothing?

No. Wool is heavily felted and leaves no residue on clothes.

Should I take the dryer balls out of the dryer when unused?

No. You can leave them in your dryer permanently.

Should I put white dryer balls with a white load of laundry and dark dryer balls with a dark load?

No. The colour of the Charlotte dryer balls does not affect your load. The colours come from the sheep’s natural wool. And, since no dye is used when making the dryer balls, they can leave no colour deposit on clothing.

Can I use essential oils with the dryer balls?

Yes. At the end of the drying cycle, select the air fluff cycle and apply 1 or 2 drops on a Charlotte wool dryer ball and activate the dryer for another few minutes. This will add a natural and environmentally friendly fragrance to your load.